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Here are your answers! I am one of the most common ingredients to be used in pre-workouts since the rise of the sports supplement industry! Many will wonder why, and that's where we come in handy to educate answering those exact same questions a lot of us are asking ourselves!

How can I benefit from Beta-Alanine?

Beta-Alanine, in cases of extreme muscle fatigue from endurance/metabolic training, the body has been seen to be able to withstand longer periods of high intensity exercise while supplementing with it.

How do you recommend taking Beta-Alanine?

As with quite a bit of other supplements out there, beta-alanine is no exclusion that you can take it in various ways. The most promising for keeping muscle carnosine levels the most high consistently throughout every day would be to take 1.6 grams x 3-4 times per day with food. This is what would be considered optimal from research studies. If this strategy is too inconvenient for someone, I recommend taking 3.2g-4.8g, 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. There is one small but sometimes uncomfortable side effect of taking larger doses of beta-alanine, and that is a flushing and tingling of the skin feeling. If this causes concern to you, start off with taking a single 1.6g dose per day prior to exercise and slowly work yourself up in small increments each week.